[PO] CN Blue : 1st Live Concert “Listen To The Blue”

[Pre-Order] CN BLUE – Listen To The CN BLUE 1st Live Concert

Harga : Rp. 350.000,-
Include : 2 DVD + 40 pages Photobook
Ikut Tutup PO 26 juni, batas order 25 juni, batas payment 26 juni.

Disc 1:
1. Intro+Let’s go crazy
2. Love Revolution
3. voice
4. Y,Why…
5. 외톨이야 (Rock Version)
6. The Way part2 (Ready N Go)
7. Black Flower
8. Tattoo
9. Just Please
10. 그럴겁니다..잊을 겁니다…
11. Love
12. Sweet Holiday
13. 사랑빛
14. Never too late
15. Now or never
16. 바보를 위한 노래
17. 외톨이야
18. The Way part1 (One Time)
19. One of a kind

Disc 2:
– 정용화
– 이정신
– 이종현
– 강민혁

Untuk order/pemesanan, isi form order

Untuk confirm pembayaran, isi form payment

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4 Responses to [PO] CN Blue : 1st Live Concert “Listen To The Blue”

  1. chingu, inih ad eng subnya ga ya??
    truss itu trans kalo lewat Mandiri syariah bisa ga? kalo bisa, nanti akuu mau order..hehe
    gomawo chingu 🙂

  2. beybah says:

    chingu.. inih ad eng subny ga?
    trans nya hanya bca dan mandiri ajh? bank lain bs ga?

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