[UNCONFIRMED] Tracklist 5th JIB Super Junior “Mr.Simple”

Tadi waktu buka twitter, ternyata banyak yg bahas Tracklist 5thJIB Super Junior. Nah, bagi yg belum tau, aku cuma mau ngeshare ini. Tapi ini MASIH BELUM DIKONFIRMASI ya :

[TRANS/Description] *UNCONFIRMED* 5집 ‘Mr. Simple’ Tracklist:

1. Mr. Simple
Electronic beat song, describing SJ FUNKY a combination between Sorry Sorry and Miinah.

2. 오페라(Opera)
A dance song with witty lyrics about Super Junior’s status, the most popular group mostly in Asia and spreading to the world. Meaningful and interesting lyrics.

3. 라라라라(Be My Girl)
A dance song with electronic sound

4. Walkin’
A pop dance song with trendy beat. Lyrics about keeping getting better even when it’s hard (I know I sound lame)

5. 폭풍(Storm)
A pop ballad, comparing love and parting with a storm. Sung by K.R.Y., Sungmin and Donghae.

6. 어느새 우리 (Good Friends) -> Acoustic. about Super Junior 6 years.

8. 기억을 따라(Memories)
Yesung’s solo song. A song that fans who love “It has to be you” will like 😀

9. 해바라기(Sunflower) <- Song written by Brandon Fraley, the author who wrote “My Only Girl” in vol 4 😀

10. 엉뚱한상상
A remake from a song in 1996. Jinu’s song.

11. Y
A song that Donghae wrote together with Chance. An R&B Ballad with medium tempo

12. My Love My Kiss My Heart
sung by K.R.Y. R&B Ballad. Even used timpani *it says so, though I don’t really know what it is*

13.[Bounce Track] (Bonus?) Perfection xD

source: 3이특권
Translated by: @LittleAriel13
Posted by. @KyuhyunBiased

Uwaaaa makin nggak sabar nunggu rilisnya ><

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2 Responses to [UNCONFIRMED] Tracklist 5th JIB Super Junior “Mr.Simple”

  1. amiami says:

    misi sis ak uah po tpi gk ada d.ksih tau cara2 untuk pembayarannya, padahal sudah ada reply email order formnya tapi smp sekarang gk ada msuk apa2 lagi?
    gmana tuh sis?
    mian kebanyakan nanya

    • tsamarahypps says:

      Lho, caranya kan sudah ada di “Tata Cara Order”
      Jadi caranya udah nggak dikirim lagi ke e-mail karena kan udah baca caranya dulu ^^

      Gini :
      Habis kamu dapet balesan tentang berapa uang yg harus dibayar, habis itu kamu transfer uangnya ke rekening yg udah ditulis dibalesan e-mail.
      Terus habis transfer, jangan lupa buat isi form payment buat ngesahin pesenan kamu

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