[PO] Park Jae Bum (Jay Park) : DVD Special [Go With Jay]

D(2 Disc)
(52p Photobook+Digipack+Outbox)+Poster

Rp. 365.000 (normal price)

PO sampai 6 September 2011
Batas Order 5 September, Batas Isi Payament Form 6 September jam 13.00 WIB

-Region Code : All
-Subtitle : Korean, English, Japanese

DISC 1 (80분)

1. 아름다운 도시 시애틀(Beautiful city Seattle)
2. 재범이 시애틀을 즐기는 방법(JAY’s choice in Seattle)
3. Go With AOM
4. 재범과의 하루(A Day with JAY)
5. Music & Dance
6. 당신들을 위한 나의 이야기(JAY’s story for you)

DISC 2 (78분)

1. 상영회(Premiere event sketch)
2. 1st stage sketch
3. 1st Album jacket sketch
4. Fan meeting sketch(2010년 8월)

*HURRY TO ORDER NOW, dan dapatkan harga SPECIAL khusus LEBARAN*

Untuk order/pemesanan, isi form order

Untuk confirm pembayaran, isi form payment

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4 Responses to [PO] Park Jae Bum (Jay Park) : DVD Special [Go With Jay]

  1. Viaaaa says:

    ini masih bisa diorder ngga yaa??

  2. Viaaaa says:

    wah mau dong.. bisa bayar DP dulu ga ya?? hehe

  3. Viaaaa says:

    Maauu min.. ready stock yaa??

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